Imagine a bacon-wrapped Ferrari. Still not better than our free technical reports.


  • StokeMasterJack

    I think its funny :)

  • Matthewm

    Sounds like a Neal Ford quote.

  • Matthewm

    Or Ted Neward.

  • Hhaha.. hilarious :))

  • John Yeary

    Sick.. and funny.

    I think it's good reminder. :)

  • Derek

    I pity the cats! felinicide?? — great campaign guys!

  • I pity the cats! felinicide?? — great campaign guys!

  • Think of he kittens! #LOLCATS

  • Initial impression – bad taste.

  • Gabriel Pop

    i think it's too aggressive. Don't involve GOD in software marketing.

  • Peter Pilgrim

    Animal lovers probably would have kittens, Dave!

  • Maybe you should add the “After redeploy” picture ;-)

  • Like it. Whom are you targeting? Geeks will get it. I am not sure whether managers will get it.

  • David Booth

    Hey – good timing on the Spolsky phone screening link… I'm looking to hire a marketing manager & sales manager for ZeroTurnaround, in our Prague offices (and the guys are looking to hire devs for our Estonian offices).. Here are the mktg and sales job posts (just in case):

    Now back to the kittens… :-D

  • Dave Ruzius

    brilliant !

  • Fernandez65

    “God” isn't really a global concept. Not good for global marketing.

  • =)) very funny =D

  • DavSten


  • DavSten

    Ok, who is gonna mod this graphic to include two Dukes (instead of two Domos) chasing the cat? Come on, let's see it! ;-)

  • Leszek

    Strange and funny ;] Looks like programmers are born killers…

  • LOL!!!

  • eweibust

    Funny…. but since I'm not a kitten person I think I'll redeploy my app a few extra times right now. ;)

  • Sean

    You need to put it at Zazzle and make some posters and coffee cups……

  • Mario Cartia

    imho it's funny, but only if you know the “original” (…). Maybe it's too much “thin” for marketing.

  • Jeff Glatz

    I am a cat person and it’s not funny at all. Can we replace kittens with babies?