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JVM JIT Compilation Overview [GeekOut 2013 video]

Vladimir Ivanov joined Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle, 2010) in 2005 and since then participated in numerous projects related to Java (HotSpot JVM, RTSJ, JavaFX). These days he works on developing HotSpot JVM in the area of JIT compilation and JVM-based languages support.

Talk Abstact

Java abstracts away from many technical details. To get high-speed code execution, it heavily relies on JIT compilation in JVM. JIT compilation improves the performance of Java applications by compiling Java bytecodes to native machine code at run time. The cost model differs from static/AOT compilation and to produce performant code JVM needs to use a different set of techniques. The talk will cover JIT compilation techniques in general and JIT compilation peculiarities for Java. Overview of JIT compilation framework in HotSpot JVM will include best practices on how to look “under the hood” (down to assembly code) of your Java application and diagnose performance problems.