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JRebel price for new customers raises to $475.

Starting today, we are raising price for JRebel license to $475 per developer seat per year. This is a 30% raise from the previous price of $365, which has been the price of our enterprise license since 2011. We are grandfathering all renewals in at the previous price until end of 2016, so if you are an existing customer and are renewing seats in the next 14 months, this will not affect you.

Why are we doing this?

There are three primary reasons: JRebel creates enormous value for our customers, it’s really expensive to build, maintain and market, and we don’t want to compromise on our goal to build truly amazing tools. Let me expand on that:

  • ROI – the value that JRebel creates for our customers is truly impressive. Where other companies talk about 20-30% vaguely defined return of investment, we are talking about 10-20 times measurable return on dollars spent. This is just as true with the new price.
  • Cost – over the years JRebel has grown into a complex system with over 100 plugins making sure that the experience we deliver even to the largest enterprise customers is just as amazing as in the smallest of startups. To support that transformation our R&D team has tripled just in the last 2 years, as did the overall company.
  • Amazing tools – with that process JRebel has become much more expensive to develop, maintain and support on a per user basis. We don’t want to compromise on the quality of products or dedication of support that came to be associated with ZeroTurnaround over the years so the price had to give.

The $475 price point ensures that we can continue delivering amazing tools to developers and amazing value to their businesses.

What happens to existing customers?

We are grandfathering in all renewals until the end of 2016. This means that if you want to renew your seats, you can do that at the same list price of $365 through the end of the next year. If you want to lock in that price for the longer term, you can renew for up to a 3 year term, taking advantage of the lower price all the way through 2019.

Contact your sales rep or for a discounted quote. You will also be sent a link to renew your licenses, with the discount applied, before your licenses expire.

What if I have a deal or evaluation in progress?

If you have an evaluation or a conversation with our sales reps in progress, we will honor the previous price of $365 through the end of 2015, just reach out to your sales rep who can ensure you get the correct pricing for your order.

  • K

    Why are there no comments for this announcments.

  • Everyone’s playing Fallout 4 :)

  • … or Legacy of the Void!

  • Toby Vidler

    Wow – massive price gouging from a virtual monopoly operator. Guess that’s what happens when there’s no decent competition.

  • SirGodOfCoding

    I’m guess I’m out then. JRebel is great – when it works! But if you run into an issue you eat up all the time you save in previous deploys. So JRebel is still great because it doesn’t interrupt your workflow when you in the zone. But IMO it’s getting way to expensive to justify its usage. Also I need only a very small subset of frameworks/features its supports. So basically they add stuff I do not need and it as reason to increase the price. :-/

  • Sorry you think that way.

  • We would be sorry to lose you as a customer, note that we grandfathered existing customers in, so price doesn’t change for you for at least 2 years.

  • kezmanok

    My subscription ends in summer ’16. I’d like to prolong it for next 3 years, but that is ~1100$. If it would be possible to pay by installments, e.g. 3 x 365$, then I would stick with your software. The other way I’m not able to spend that much money as a freelance developer. I hope you find a solution for individual developers.

    Also I think it would be better if this annoucement had come 1 or 2 month before new price was applied (like JetBrains did with new subscription plans recently). It would give some time for customers to give feedback.


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately you can only buy multi-year licenses as prepaid. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope to keep you as a customer!


  • Henry Suryawirawan

    The price increase is way too much. IntelliJ itself which brings lots of value to the user is only $149 for new personal user. JRebel is 3x of that. If combined with XRebel, then you’ll need to spend $840!!!!
    It might not be an apple to apple comparison, but I see both are good products for developers.
    I just don’t understand why JRebel+XRebel are valued way much higher.
    I come from a start up company, and we definitely can’t afford to pay this much per developer.

    Maybe you guys should consider having personal license?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for feedback, we appreciate that the price might not make sense for you and will be sorry to lose you as a customer if that’s the case.


  • Pierre Francis Roy

    I’m concerned by that price raise too. I recognize JRebel great added value, but it’s only one of many tools we need in our developper toolbox. If every software provider increase their product prices to such level, we will have to reconsider our choices. Maybe even review our technological choices of working with an application server. JRebel is compensating for the weakness of application server deployment and it’s sad to be trapped into paying ever increasing fees to make up for this fact.

  • I appreciate you concern, but have you compared the money you spend on the tools to the developer salaries? It’s generally the case in the developer industry that tools account at most 1-2% of the developer budget, which is strange considering how much value do developers create for the company and how helpful these tools can be.

    E.g. in sales, marketing and even finance software can and does account for significantly larger percent of the budget. And there are a lot more vendors creating amazing products in those markets, and that’s not a coincidence.

    If you look at your total cost of development, has $110 more per year per developer really made such a big difference that you are looking to change technology because of that? Developers cost close to a $100K in most developed countries, so at $475 we are talking about less than 0.5% of budget for JRebel, that can easily produce 10-20% gain in productivity. Not to mention quality improvement and even higher motivation and job satisfaction.

    I’m not trying to argue, I’m genuinely interested in understanding where your thought process differs from my rationale.

  • AndruidFetus

    Yup. Goodbye JRebel. Hello Hotswapagent :)

  • Steve S

    Why was I contacted by one of your sales reps telling me that my renewal price is $475? I’ve been a customer since January. According to this blog post, I should be paying the old price for at least one year.

    I might need to dump JRebel for Hotswapagent too. That stinks. The amount of money I’ve saved in terms of labor, at my normal billing rate of $75-90 per hour, far outstrips the amount of money I’m spending on the license, even at $475/year, but I don’t appreciate people being dishonest with me.

  • Steve S

    Must be nice to be able to say that. I’ve asked about monthly subscription plans more than once, and I’ve been told, flat-out, “no” even though I’m willing to pay more overall for the monthly subscription.

    Great product. I am beginning to question whether the *company* is worth doing business with, though.

  • Steve S

    But I was contacted via email by one of your account reps who said I need to renew at the new price. What’s going on?

  • Guest

    14 days of trial? it is just not enough time for ~$500 investment. With claims like “JRebel increases team velocity up to 40% (backed by surveys and case studies).” What are they doing, restarting half the time? Like 100 restarts a day?

  • arhan

    The trial can be extended by request, no biggie.

    Every user have their own metric. For some, it is 40%, for some other it is 14%. The restart times vary wildly depending on the environment and technology in use.

  • Guest

    40% velocity increase also implies that restart time which takes a lot of time can not be used productively by switching to other task of making necessary break.

  • arhan

    You may ask from those users directly, this was an independent report:

  • Guest

    If you remove first and last sprints from that report and best and worst sprints from both sets it will be like 2.1 vs 2.3 average, 10% increase. Plus the reason given for the price increase, basically we have too many customers to support, shouldn’t it pay off, more customers – more money?

  • The reason isn’t that there are too many customers, but that profile of those customers changed significantly over the years with enterprise customers (who have the most complex tech and the most stringent support requirements) being the absolute majority now.

  • Guest

    Well, maybe those customers should pay more, not the whole base.

    I see the value in your product, it caused no apparent problems in my 14 days test on a very complex app we are doing, I mean complex, OK.

    But the provided calculator and the “report” mentioned above do not fly. I couldn’t even extend the test period to like 2-3 month given our specifics and the size of operation. Incredibly hard to deal with you guys and too much hype. But once again I see the value in your product.

  • I appreciate your concerns, but it’s a dev tool – there isn’t any complex integration or proof of concept you need to do. It’s super easy to setup and like you said yourself works without issues on your complex app. We never do 2-3 months trials as there isn’t much you’ll learn that you won’t learn in the first 14 days. We do however provide 30 day “no questions asked” return policy, and almost nobody takes advantage of that.

  • Phil Symonds

    Ouch. For us developers who only use the basic functionality, this talk of the costs of support and plugins is irrelevant. Time to move on…

  • Venkatesh Padmanabhan

    What does the volume discounted pricing look like?

  • Tony BenBrahim

    Yes, but I also need a Database IDE, a Java IDE, a Dev Database, maybe some paid libraries like KendoUI, tools like JIRA, etc… It all adds up, and when budgets are limited, we have to take a hard look at our tools. By the way we pay less per year for an Oracle DB Standard Edition One for our team than we paid (notice past tense) for JRebel. JRebel also costs more than my IDE. All of these products are way more sophisticated than JRebel and cannot be easily replaced. JRebel can be. My team will be using HotSwapAgent, we may as well quit JRebel now, because at the rate the price increases since 2010, when it was $195, JRebel will be $1000/user/year in 5 years. We have already sunk $1700 per dev on this product, that alone is outrageous.

  • David Samuelsson

    Looking at this, does not make sense for our company. For us its an increase of over 300% in license cost. Not to mention the administration cost of having named users instead, and 1 month before you are allowed to switch the license if the user has quit.

    This is a no go, i am forced to recommend no central usage of the tool anymore.