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JRebel How-to: Zero Downtime Java Development in the Stratosphere with SAP NetWeaver Cloud

Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud. This is something that has been in the mainstream news for couple of years now. Today newsworthy part is that developers are also moving to the cloud. Either with their IDE or their development platform. Who knows, maybe one day with both at the same time. We’ll see.

SAP launched its cloud strategy back in May and one of the solutions they offer is the SAP NetWeaver Cloud, which is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that lets you provision a Java EE stack on the cloud with couple of clicks. You can deploy and manage your applications with custom Eclipse plugins. Super easy for developers.

Now, how about we make SAP devs more productive…maybe adding some special fairy dust called JRebel? Yes! JRebel now supports SAP NetWeaver Cloud. This means that you make changes in your local IDE, hit save and the JRebel-Eclipse plugin will synchronize the changes to the remote servers. And because JRebel is running on the servers, you can see your code changes instantly without restarting anything.

Once again in case you missed it: with JRebel, you just click save in your IDE, tab over to your cloud application and voila, the change is there.

Currently, support for SAP NetWeaver Cloud is in its introductory stage, and we depend on SAP users to help is make everything perfect. Setup requires some more work from the developer, but we have plans to make the installation a bit easier. You will also be needing to use the latest nightly build of JRebel (no worries, in the next JRebel release it will be bundled). For all the steps check out the JRebel How-to: Getting started with SAP NetWeaver Cloud.

We’d really love to hear your feedback on how JRebel with SAP NetWeaver Cloud is working for you – are you planning to give this cloud development a try? Leave comments below!

  • Thanks guys, this is awesome! Here is to another example of the benefits of OSS and being an open platform! JRebel and SAP NetWeaver Cloud rock! :-)