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JRebel expands build tool support with new Gradle plugin

As more folks begin looking into the Groovy ecosystem, we’ve been hearing from more developers interesting in using JRebel with Gradle.

As you know, JRebel provides instant builds in addition to eliminating redeploys, but for that special bit of magic to work, we need to generate a rebel.xml to map the project during the build, like our existing Maven plugin.

Recently we’ve implemented a very basic version of the Gradle plugin, which is available from the ZeroTurnaround repository and was tested with Gradle 1.0-milestone-6. So far, we’re keeping things simple (configurability is limited and will only support a limited number of project types, i.e. only jar and war projects), while the work continues.

Of course, one way to improve this plugin and life in general is to hear back from users! So give it a try and tell us on the forum which configuration options you think we be awesome to see in future releases.

The end-user documentation for the JRebel Gradle plugin is available on the plugin’s GitHub page.