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JRebel 6 Released!

JRebel 6 – New agent, less redeploys

Everyone on the JRebel team at ZeroTurnaround is proud to announce the newest major release of JRebel. Grab it now or keep reading.

Previously, JRebel got rid of most of your redeploys, but there were still some code changes we couldn’t handle and you were yanked out of the flow and forced to do a build and deploy.


JRebel 6 has a new agent that includes support for:

  • adding and removing superclasses
  • adding and removing implemented interfaces
  • better handling of anonymous inner classes
  • better handling of state in instance fields

If you’re eager to get the upgrade, skip to the instructions and remember, as a JRebel user, you get this for free as part of your subscription.

Besides the new agent, JRebel 6 now has awesome support for Spring Boot and improved support for Java EE 7, as well as integration for IntelliJ IDEA 14 and JBoss EAP 6.3.0. We’ve also updated our list of supported frameworks to over 80.

With JRebel 6, you can now make even more types of code and framework changes, stay in the flow longer, get more done, and go home on time. So what are you waiting for – grab the release now!

The JRebel 6 release contains over a year of hard work on behalf of our amazing Estonian developers and Allan and Michael who joined ZeroTurnaround with the Javeleon acquisition last year.

You can see the new features in use with Spring Boot on November 20th and see a webinar with Pivotal’s Josh Long, make sure to register!

Download JRebel Now


  • magooly

    good job guys, picked up the upgrade today.

  • jan_z

    Note that version 6 does not support perpetual licenses anymore. I only bought my license because you promised to provide all future upgrades for free. You broke that promise today. This is a really sad day for me. JRebel no more.

  • We have decided that 6.0 is sufficiently different from previous versions that we don’t consider it an upgrade to 1.x any more. Your license will continue working with all previous versions of JRebel, which remain available from the download page. I hope that either way you will continue to benefit from JRebel.

  • You are welcome, have fun with it!

  • buzuli

    It appears that the JRebel 6 agent is a bit less sensitive to changes, often requiring a full page reload rather than simply a navigation event, as is the case with the legacy agent. I was unable to find any information concerning this change. Perhaps I am just using it wrong. Or perhaps this is why the legacy agent remains an option.

  • josh

    We bought licences for Jrebel 5.0 a couple of months back and have been using them since. Can we use the same licenses for Jrebel 6 or do we need to buy new licenses ? Also, what is the easiest way to upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0 in eclipse ?

  • Adam Koblentz

    Hi Josh, your existing 5.0 licenses should work with 6.0. Usually upgrading is done by the developers by upgrading their IDE plugin.

  • Adam Koblentz

    Buzuli, the 6 agent should be equally sensitive. Please reach out to and they can help you.


  • In the Eclipse plugin I see Legacy Agent 6.0.0 is selected by default. Should I consider the new agent experimental, or should I switch to it and abandon the Legacy Agent?

  • Adam Koblentz

    Hi Brad, you should switch to the new agent and abandon the legacy, unless you have problems with the new one. If you have any issues with the new one, we’d love to get your feedback and help you, and during that process you can failback to the legacy. Thanks

  • Great, I’ll switch to it today! Thanks for the response!