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JRebel 6.2.3 Released!

Today we’re proud to announce JRebel 6.2.3 is now available, update today!

Download JRebel 6.2.3

In this release we’ve fixed several bugs, improved integrations, and provided a more unified naming convention across our IDE plugins. We have also spent a good deal of time improving EJB support on Red Hat’s JBoss application servers: JBoss AS, EAP, and WildFy. You can get see the full list of changes by reading the changelog.

New & Noteworthy


We have improved our EJB support for all of the Red Hat application servers, improved JSF support on WebSphere 8.5.5.x – you can now inject EJBs into ManagedBeans, fixed a few Spring annotation integrations, and also fixed a Hibernate issue – you can now add new fields to model objects more reliably.

Spring users are now able to use the @Scope("request") annotation, use Spring Boot Actuation 1.3.0.M2, and also add new components to packages scanned by WebApplicationInitializer. This piece of code should now create a request scoped controller:

public class SomeController

Hibernate users should now be able to more reliably add new fields to model objects in newer versions of Hibernate. For example, with the application already running, we can add the occupation field to the Owner object:

@Table(name = "owners")
public class Owner {

@Column(name = "occupation")
private String occupation;

IDE plugins

We have made the naming and imaging more consistent across the IDE plugins. For example, the JRebel plugin for IntelliJ IDEA is now named “JRebel for IntelliJ” in the plugin directory. We have also fixed a debugger issue with IntelliJ and did some housekeeping in the Eclipse plugin. Netbeans users, there are some fixes for you as well related to remoting and excessive IDE notifications. Head on over to the full changelog for the complete rundown. And then do not forget to hit that upgrade button.

If you have not tried the JRebel 6 agent yet, we think you should give it a go. You can always switch back to the JRebel Legacy Agent if you have any issues. The JRebel 6 agent adds support for even more code changes than the Legacy Agent, like class hierarchy changes for example.

Upgrade JRebel today; use your IDE update system to upgrade or head over here to download the latest version manually.

Download JRebel 6.2.3