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JRebel 6.2.1 Released

JRebel 6.2.1 is now available!
Download JRebel 6.2.1

The newest release of JRebel comes with several improvements and bug fixes including a new startup configuration UI for Eclipse and improvements to IntelliJ’s remote servers UI as well.

The major upgrade in this release is a new quicker-to-set-up and more intuitive user experience for Eclipse users. With this new release, getting JRebel working on new projects or with new environments should be easier and less involved. We have more helpful prompts now when you first install as well.

The configuration screen now has more clearly layed out tabs with explanatory labels

The startup tab contains a convenient wizard, based on how you run your application, the wizard will guide you through the necessary steps. The options are “Via the IDE”, “Via the CLI”, and “Running on a remote server or VM”. Only use the last one if you’re running your JVM on a VM or a cloud platform provider.

Overall, we believe the new UI for Eclipse and the new improvements to the Remote configuration view for Eclipse and IntelliJ help make JRebel even easier to use.

This release also includes several bug-fixes and improvements to the JRebel 6 Agent. If you have not taken it for a test drive yet, we strongly recommend you do so. You can always switch back to the JRebel Legacy Agent if you have any issues.

We urge you to upgrade your JRebel version today. Use your IDE update system to upgrade or head over here to download the latest version manually.

New & Noteworthy

Application server updates

This release comes with multiple updates for application servers. Our tireless engineers have made sure that these servers have been tested — and tested again to guarantee stability. The newest supported application servers include:

  • Google App Engine 1.9.21
  • JBoss EAP 6.4
  • Jetty 7.6.17, 8.1.17 and 9.2.11
  • Resin 4.0.44
  • TomEE 1.7.2
  • Tomcat 6.0.44, 7.0.62 and 8.0.23


There are several improvements to framework integrations. For example, we now support @Entity annotations in EJBs.

public class Order {
   @Id private Long id;
   public Long getId() { return id; }
   public void setId(Long id) { = id; }

We also now support changing static resources in WebSphere specified in the ibm-web-ext.xml file.

IDE plugins

Not only have the IDE plugins received convenient interface overhauls, we also fixed a debugger issue with Eclipse. We also fixed a few License Server issues, offline licenses should now return to the LS when expected, not earlier.

Head on over to the full changelog for the complete rundown. And then do not forget to hit that upgrade button.

Download JRebel 6.2.1