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JRebel 6.2.0 Released

Today we’re releasing JRebel 6.2.0. Our newest release is filled with multiple improvements and updates, both within the plugins as well as on the agent side.

Download JRebel 6.2.0

This iteration of JRebel comes with several improvements and bug fixes including fixes to @Inject, JAX-RS, and JAX-WS on WildFly.

The major upgrades in this release are improved TomEE, Vaadin, and GWT integration. JRebel now supports the TomEE implementations of the full Java EE specification. For GWT and Vaadin, JRebel now has improved support for reloading many useful features such as: autobeans, gwt-rpc, and JSNI.

interface MyFactory extends AutoBeanFactory {
  AutoBean<Address> address();
  AutoBean<Person> person();

Read more about JRebel with GWT and Vaadin on the Vaadin blog
Read more about Apache TomEE with JRebel at the Tomitribe blog

This release also includes a new JRebel 6 Agent. If you have not taken it for a test drive yet, we strongly recommend you do so. You can always switch back to the JRebel Legacy Agent if you have any issues.

We urge you to upgrade your JRebel version today. Use your IDE update system to upgrade or head over here to download the latest version manually.

New & Noteworthy

Application server updates

This release comes with multiple updates for application servers. Our tireless engineers have made sure that these servers have been tested — and tested again to guarantee stability. The newest supported application servers include:

  • TomEE – all flavors
  • WildFly
  • WebSphere 8.5.5
  • WebSphere


There are several improvements to Spring, Spring ORM, iBatis, Apache Camel, and Hibernate. For example, we fixed a bug in Spring that would cause JRebel to reload a class multiple times if it had certain combinations of annotation types:

public class SampleController {

IDE plugins

The IDE plugins have received many updates to the debugger integrations. We have fixed bugs with the debugger related to the remote debugger not stopping when the jvm was stopped and fixed breakpoints being skipped in a second inner class.

Head on over to the full changelog for the complete rundown. And then do not forget to hit that upgrade button.

Download JRebel 6.2.0