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JRebel 6.1.3 Released

Please welcome JRebel 6.1.3. Our newest release is filled with multiple improvements and updates, both within the plugins as well as on the agent side.

Download JRebel 6.1.3

This iteration of JRebel comes with more than 100 fixes and improvements. IntelliJ IDEA users will find that we have introduced our new Startup tab (under Settings > JRebel). This addition makes setting up any external server or a remote server easier than ever before.


Obviously this release (like all JRebel 6 releases) also includes our new JRebel 6 Agent. If you have not taken it for a test drive yet, we strongly recommend you do so. You can always switch back to the JRebel Legacy Agent if you are not satisfied.

We urge you to upgrade your JRebel version today. Use your IDE update system to upgrade or head over here to download the latest version manually.

New & Noteworthy

Application server updates

This release comes with multiple updates for application servers. Our tireless engineers have made sure that these servers have been tested — and tested again to guarantee stability. The newest supported application servers include:

  • Tomcat 8.0.21
  • Jetty 9.2.10
  • Resin 4.0.43
  • Pivotal tc Server 3.0.3
  • Pivotal tc Server 3.1.0


Apache Camel fans know that JRebel picks up routes defined with the RouteBuilder. With this latest release, we are also supporting non-HTTP routing. This means that JMS and other routes are reloaded just as nicely.

public class ServerRoutes extends RouteBuilder {

    public void configure() throws Exception {


In the past, we replaced the Grails internal reloading with JRebel. Now, we are adding framework-specific integrations to go beyond the natively reloaded use cases. Within JRebel 6.1.3 you will find updated Spring integration, making sure that everything is rewired as it should upon configuration change.

class Stores {
   def all() {
      return Store.list();

class StoresController {
    def stores

    def list() {
      render stores.all()

IDE plugins

The handy server Startup tab has made its way to Intellij IDEA. We previously added this feature to the NetBeans plugin, now it’s IntelliJ’s turn.

Open up IntelliJ Settings, select JRebel and click on the Startup tab. Select your application server usage scenario and you will be presented with simple, concise steps. Follow these and you will have JRebel up and running in no time. The same applies to configuring remote servers.


In addition to all these updates, we took another, intensive look at our debugger. As a result we have resolved all the known debugger issues. If you do find any issues, our engineers are very interested in hearing about them.

With all of these updates and improvements, there is one more that makes us rather proud. The plugin binary size has been decreased by approximately 40%. I am not completely sure how this was achieved, but I do promise that we did not use ZipRebel to do this.

Head on over to the full changelog for the complete rundown. And then do not forget to hit that upgrade button.

Download JRebel 6.1.3