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JRebel 5.6.0 Released – Java 8, Weld 2 and much more!

JRebel 5.6.0 is released and available for download!

The biggest new feature for JRebel 5.6.0 is official support for Java 8. JRebel now supports reloading on all of the new language features in Java 8, such as lambdas, default methods, and streams. Be sure to get your feet wet with all of these new features. And by the way, you might want to check out our introductory articles to get you started with Java 8: Java 8 Revealed and Java 8 Explained. Here you can also find some Practical Advice on Migrating to Java 8.

This new version of JRebel also delivers a couple of important framework integrations, namely for CDI: we now fully support Weld 2, which is the default CDI implementation for GlassFish 4. HK2, yet another CDI technology, is now also supported.

Our integration for JSF 2.2 now includes support for the Faces Flows and Resource Library Contracts sub-frameworks.

For JBoss, the new JRebel fixes bugs in our Wildfly EJB integration and adds initial support for JBoss EAP 6.3.0-beta1.

We’ve also updated and improved the integration for Hibernate (we now support the 4.3.x branch), as well as tweaked the integration for Magnolia CMS.

The IDE plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans IDE are updated with the new version of the JRebel agent – update your existing installations! Also, don’t forget the full changelog is available.

Have a productive day! Your feedback is welcomed and if you have any support issues, please let us know.