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JRebel 5.4.2 Released: Minor Improvements and IDE Plugin Updates

JRebel 5.4.2 is out and a few nice improvements have been introduced. There are improvements in MyBatis, Spring and JSF plugins. See the change log for the full list of improvements.

Along with the improvements listed above, IDE plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA have also been updated.

JRebel plugin for Eclipse now features the new functionality for installing JRebel agent into application servers that are executed from command line. The setup utility that was released in September and now it is integrated into the IDE plugin as well.


JRebel plugin for IntelliJ IDEA has been drastically redesigned. The most notable improvement in the plugin is the new JRebel tool window that is aimed to provide better overview of the project with JRebel and makes it more convenient to use JRebel Remoting.

Stay tuned for more updates before the end of the year!