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JRebel 5.4.1 Released: Tomcat 8, Spring and updates to IDE plugins

JRebel 5.4.1 is released! This is a minor release, however, it includes some new interesting features. Here are the highlights:

The new release comes with the initial support for Tomcat 8, which still is not final yet, nevertheless, we are trying to ensure that our integrations are up to date with the new version.

In 5.4.0 release we have introduced a basic support for Spring‘s constructor injection. This time the feature got some improvements as well. It is now possible to add new constructor to a class that defines a Spring bean and inject the parameters via constructor-arg in XML configuration. JRebel will gracefully handle this kind of changes.

We have also added the ability to enforce static initializer re-execution after the changed class has been reloaded by JRebel. With -Drebel.always.rerun.clinit={true|regex} VM argument you can specify if you always would like to re-run the static initializer, or by using a pattern you can select which classes you allow to re-initialize. Just to remind you – by default JRebel will not re-run the static initializer of a class, but only do that if a static field was added to a class, or removed.

There are some more nice improvements in the release and you can see the full change log for more details. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates – the new features and improvements!

However, those are not all the news! IDE plugins include some nice little updates too!

Eclipse plugin now implements the multiple URL support for JRebel Remoting. It is possible to manage a list of URLs and select several URLs for synchronization of a single project. The support for multiple URLs will eventually be added to IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans plugins also.

IntelliJ IDEA plugin has been updated to support IDEA 13 EAP (Cardea). The plugin will be distributed now in two versions. Version 2.0.10 of the plugin is compatible with IDEA versions prior to 13, and plugin version 2.0.10-13 is compatible with IDEA 13 onwards.

NetBeans IDE 7.4 has been released just recently, and the JRebel plugin is totally compatible with the new IDE version. The new version of the plugin is uploaded to NetBeans Plugins Portal and will be available in NetBeans’ Plugin Manager soon.

Enjoy the new version, share your feedback and stay tuned for more updates before the end of the year!