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JRebel 5.3 Released: Glassfish 4, JBoss 7, OpenWebBeans & Spring integration improvements

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Last week, JRebel 5.3 was released bringing a number of improvements and support for more frameworks.


Spring integration has been improved once again: more tweaking is done for @ComponentScan annotation handling and interceptors that are configured via annotations. Also, the test suite is upgraded to support Spring 3.2.2.

What’s also cool is that we made a significant improvement in JRebel Spring integration, including support for Spring factory beans.

New stuff

As more frameworks see updates and new versions appear, we try to keep up with the changes. In this release, we bring some new additions to the very long list of the 48 supported frameworks and servers:

  • Hibernate Validator – We previously supported Hibernate Validator versions 4 and greater, and now the support for version 5 is added as well.
  • OpenWebBeans – This is the new addition the the long list of supported frameworks in JRebel. The new plugin supports OpenWebBeans starting from version 1.1.4.
  • Glassfish 4 – Although version 4 isn’t yet released, we know that some people would like to give it a try with JRebel, so we have updated our integrations with Glassfish server. As the final version of Glassfish 4 approaches, we will start stabilizing the integration.
  • JBoss AS 7.1.2/EAP 6.1.0 – All current JRebel tests are passing fine now on the newer version of JBoss AS and EAP.

See the full list of improvements in the change log.

License Server v1 deprecated

License Server v2 has been out for several months now and we have received a lot of very good feedback on it.

Starting from the JRebel 5.3 release, we are discontinuing support for JRebel license server version 1.x. If you wish to upgrade to JRebel 5.3, please make sure that you upgrade your License Server installation as well.

Hope you enjoy this latest release of JRebel, and feel free to write us at or tweet @jrebel.

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