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JRebel 5.3.2 Released – Updates for Jersey, FreeMarker & ADF

JRebel is back from summer vacation and a minor update is available for your convenience!

The most notable are the updates of Jersey and FreeMarker plugins. Also ADF integration features some new capabilities – it now supports reloading view objects and task flow definitions. There is a number of other fixes and improvements listed in changelog.

While the work on the new features is ongoing, we are thrilled to invite you to join the 6.0 beta program. So if you’re interested in the new features that JRebel brings in its next major update – signup now!

  • Vijesh

    what does the JRebel Freemarker plugin do and what are its updates? Does it conflict with already installed JBoss Freemarker IDE? I find that my Freemarker assist no longer works.

  • Vijesh

    Please ignore the second part, It doesn’t conflict with anything and the problem I had was related to something I had done. But I would like to know what the JRebel freemarker plugin does in general.

  • arhan

    It refreshes the internal cache of the template engine so that if you add new attributes to a class that is passed into the template as a parameter, then the template engine would see the changes.

    The description is here: