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JRebel 5.2.2 released: VRaptor, Spring support improvements & numerous fixes

Happy Monday! We’re happy to release JRebel 5.2.2, a minor version upgrade that offers a number of improvements and fixes for a variety of frameworks. Here’s the rundown:

  • We are continuously improving Spring framework support covering more corner cases with every new version of JRebel. This time @ComponentScan annotation handling was improved when used in classes annotated with @Configuration.
  • A very nice improvement is added to JSF (Mojarra) support: it does not rely on faces-config.xml file changes any more.
  • We also added support for VRaptor framework. It is possible now to add new resource methods to @Resource annotated classes without restarting.
  • Some improvements were made to EJB integration on WebSphere, WebLogic and Glassfish application servers.

As always, please see the change log for the full list, and leave your comments below or @JRebel

  • Make it detect is an xml/txt file has changed in the source folder next please :) Have to write a program to make it do it my self. Would be allot faster if Jrebel did it auto on save :)

  • arhan

    All the static resource files are mapped with rebel.xml and can be loaded directly from the specified location, so whatever you modify should be immediately visible in the application. However, very often the application would cache the result and not refresh it and that depends on the implementation. For instance PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer is one use case where a special integration is required in order to propagate properties file changes across Spring context.

    So it is really case by case and we can’t really guess how do you handle those files. The tool is there and the change is visible, but if you cache the results – there you have to do some work on your own – disable the caching for instance.

    If you have some specific use case in mind – please ask from the forums and we will consider it as a feature request.