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JRebel 5.1 released, IBM WAS 8.5 with Liberty profile now fully supported

It’s been a busy, crazy two months since we released JRebel 5.0.1, and during this time a lot has happened. Not necessarily related to the release, but to the well-being of the ZT team. We went to the beautiful island of Crete and we rocked the floor at JavaOne in San Francisco just recently. But despite work travel & vacations, we’re actually ready to announce the release of JRebel 5.1. Here are the 3 most awesome things about this release:

  • IBM WebSphere 8.5 with Liberty profile is now fully supported
  • IntelliJ IDEA support for JRebel Remoting has been released
  • Oracle ATG Web Commerce users can now enjoy full JRebel support

JRebel now supports IBM WebSphere 8.5 with Liberty profile

In 5.0.1 we announced initial Liberty profile integration and stabilized it in the new version of JRebel. The new 5.1 release brings full support for WebSphere 8 and 8.5 support along with full EJB support.

The Liberty profile is a dynamic profile of WebSphere application server that enables the container to provision only the features required by the application deployed. For instance, if an application requires just a servlet engine, then all that starts is the WAS kernel, the HTTP transport and the web container. Due to that, the Liberty container startup time is comparable to Tomcat’s startup and the configuration is simplified very much.

JRebel complements WebSphere Liberty with its productivity features so that redeploys can be avoided, which was presented by JRebel Product Lead Anton Arhipov and IBM RAD Architect Tim DeBoer at the IBM WebSphere Technical Convention in Berlin. Here are the presentation slides:

JRebel Remoting gets into IntelliJ IDEA

After many requests, JRebel Remoting support is now available in the new JRebel plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. The current version of the plugin is supported for IntelliJ IDEA versions starting from 11.1 (Nika 1) and have also been tested with the EAP versions of IntelliJ Leda.

We are still working on the video and how-to for best using JRebel Remoting with IntelliJ, so if you need any extra help getting configured, rest assured that this will be coming in a near future blog post…

Productivity boost for Oracle ATG Web Commerce

Over time, we have received requests to support Oracle ATG Web Commerce in JRebel. JRebel 5.1 comes with the initial integration for ATG and just recently JRebel engineer Andres Luuk published a JRebel How-to for the redeploy-stricken devs working with ATG.

Improvements, improvements, improvements

The full list of improvements can be found in the JRebel 5.1 change log, but just to name a few: Struts, Spring MVC and GWT integrations are constantly getting attention according to the great feedback from our users. We’ve spent time on improving module and binding support in Google Guice. Oracle ADF integration is improved to support reloading of task flow definitions and there’s more to follow!

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