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JRebel 4.6.1 Released

In two weeks after the 4.6 release we are releasing a bugfix release based on the feedback that our awesome users provided us after trying the the 4.6 final version. The changelog isn’t huge this time, but it includes some very specific improvements that will make the users happy.

GWT plugin was improved in terms of deployment performance. In JRebel 4.6, users reported so performance drawbacks on the startup of the container, so we spend some time for optimizing the integration.

Spring 3.1 specific features handling was improved. Now, it is possible to redefine @Bean annotated singletons that are bootstrapped by @Configuration-annotated class. Previously, it was only possible to add new beans. Also, support for @ImportResource was added now.

The last but not least noticeable feature that was added is the support for Jetty 4. We know that some of our users are suffering from legacy, and sometimes it is not really possible to update container/framework/library that is welded into the 10-year-old Java project. Whenever we can, we add the support for legacy technologies as well, especially if users ask for it. So here you go – JRebel works with Jetty 4 now.

If you remember, JRebel 4.6 came out with an awesome new feature – JRebel Remoting – which saves a lot of time in case of remote deployments. We’d be happy to hear from our users, how do you like it? Feedback is essential!