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JRebel 4.5 Released, includes free version of JRebel

This summer has been exiting for us! Lots of new versions out there – Java7, JBossAS7, many of OSS frameworks and popular application servers have been releasing the new stuff quite intensively. But thanks to the growing team here at ZeroTurnaround, and tremendously high motivation, we’re keeping up the tempo of integrating new components with JRebel as well as improving the existing integrations.

JRebel 4.5 comes with a bunch of new features, including:

  • Support for Java 7, JBossAS 7, Apache Wink, Jersey, Spring Web Services, JAXB
  • Support for Managed beans and JSF components
  • Support for Oracle ADF lifecycle
  • Injecting EJB references into Servlets on WebLogic 10.3.x & Glassfish 2/3
  • Improved support for @Value annotated properties in Spring plugin
  • A new embedded JRebel for IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Important bugfixes for JBoss Seam and Mojarra


See the changelog for more. All in all, JRebel 4.5 and JRebel Social make for a pretty large release – let us know what you think! And by the way, if you happen to attend the JavaOne confenrece this year, come to see us at booth #5510 (ZeroTurnaround), and get something special! Enjoy the release, and have a productive day!

Download JRebel 4.5

  • Maciej M

    There is also new Idea plugin 1.3 but can’t be downloaded :( please verify the download link.

  • Jurjen

    Just installed it and is OK now (for me at least).

  • Maciej M

    Yeap now it’s OK, after posting the problem on the forum, but plugin is quite buggy.

  • Please report the problems to support or the forum. The plugin version 1.3.1 already comes with some fixes