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JRebel 4.5.4 Released

Just a month has passed since the last minor release of JRebel and we’re now happy to announce the very first release of the year 2012! In this minor release we’ve added some more cool features and improved some of the existing ones. The changelog is available for the impatient, but let me to highlight some of the important updates:

We’ve added WebLogic 12c to our test suite and JRebel 4.5.4 comes with the initial support for the brand new version of the application server. The support for web fragments was improved as we’ve noticed that some of our users demand that. The existing Liferay integration have been improved to handle Liferay XML configurations. A critical bug of super class annotations not being handled correctly has also been fixed.

JRebel is heading towards 4.6 release now – be prepared for more awesome stuff!

  • Yonatan Graber

    I can see from the changelog that MyFaces are about to get supported. Great!