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JRebel 4.5.3 Released

It is almost a month since we released 4.5.2 and now we’re ready for 4.5.3, which is quite an interesting new release I have to say!

JBoss 7 integration has been greatly improved. The update covers JBoss 7 classloader integration fixes, Weld/CDI plugin improvements, Hibernate plugin update for Hibernate 4. So now the blazing fast Java EE container is even faster with JRebel!

If you have been following the news, you may have noticed a blog post about the new project for Liferay community for improving JRebel user experience with Liferay Portal.
The new release comes with a nice new feature – reloading the JSP hooks for Liferay portal. It is now possible to add/remove the JSP hook to the portal and the ROOT application will be updated accordingly – no redeploys required!

Also, there are nice improvements in JRebel plugin for Spring. Custom XML namespaces handling has been greatly improved. The plugin was updated to cope better with GenericXmlApplicationContext and PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer related changes.

There are more interesting fixes that you could spot in the changelog. Overall JRebel is on track for the 4.6 release in early 2012 – more awesome stuff, more integrations, better plugins, go us!

BTW, we greatly appreciate your feedback. If you have any wishes, what would you like to see in the upcoming versions – don’t hesitate to speak up – write to the forum!

  • hi there,

      I bought a license for JRebel 3 years ago. What price do I need to pay for an upgrade to the latest version ?

    Thank you,


  • JRebel licensing is subscription based, per developer per year. If you have a valid license then all the upgrades are free during the validity period. After the license is expired – you have to renew.

  • Hans

    Is there a chance to get a more detailed changelog? “Fixed Seam deployer integration on JBoss 5.0.0.GA” – says all and nothing…
    Thx in advance

  • Aaron Douglas

    The Eclipse Marketplace install isn’t updating to 4.5.3.  Is there a lag for when new versions come out for Eclipse?

  • Eclipse plugin will be updated soon.

  • So far, it is the best we can expose. Seam deployment was failing on JBoss 5.0.0.GA, so it was fixed – here you go. Adding a bunch of technical details of why it failed and how, imo, is an overkill.
    It could have been better if we had a public bug tracking tool, but people are too hesitant to expose their issues as the logs they attach may have some sensitive information in it. So far we haven’t found a better solution.

  • Three years ago it is likely that you got a perpetual license, so everything should works the same.