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JRebel 4.0 RC1 Released

Today we’ve released JRebel 4.0 RC1, which includes even more improvements to EJB support and a few fixes in Spring integration. Also an initial integration for Metro, JAX-WS reference implementation, is included. What are you waiting for? Download the new version now!

EJB integration now includes the support for Oracle WebLogic 10.3 and has been tested with several 10.3.x versions. You can now add new EJB component and inject it to other deployed EJB without having to redeploy the application. With the latest changes, adding new EJBs is supported on JBoss 4.2/5.1, Glassfish 3.0/3.1, WebSphere 7 and WebLogic 10.3 application servers.

Now, it is just a few strokes left to make JRebel 4.0 final and shiny!