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JRebel 3.6 Rocks the Eclipse Marketplace

Wow, we’re on a roll! Just a couple of months ago we released JRebel 3.5, with lots of OSS framework support goodies and now a new major release that reworks all three of the major IDE plugins and includes a ton of other improvements.

The biggest piece of news is that JRebel is now available (and featured) on the Eclipse Marketplace. This means that you can install JRebel from Eclipse with just one click and update through the usual Eclipse channels. On top of that, we’ve improved debugging behavior for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA, specifically, stepping now behaves 100% as you would expect. We are also putting final touches on the new and shiny NetBeans plugin, which includes all the features on par with the other two IDEs. It will make the NetBeans Plugin repository sometime in the next two weeks.

As for the other stuff, we have a ton of improvements for GlassFish, JSF Mojarra, Lift, Stripes and Spring MVC Portlets as well as a ton of bugfixes in the changelog. Also, our Enterprise customers will be happy to know that the license server now provides failover.

Search for “JRebel” in the Eclipse Marketplace or just download it now!