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JRebel 3.6.2 Released

We released JRebel 3.6.2 this week! Grab it now!

After the JRebel 4.0-M1 release we’ve spent some time porting some of the features to 3.6.x branch. Here are some of the most interesting features included:

  • Hibernate Validator, which is the reference implementation for JSR 303 – Bean Validation. Actually, this feature was requested by the community, so we hope it will make our users happy!
    With the dedicated JRebel plugin it is now possible to add/edit/remove Bean Validation constraint annotations on bean classes and parent constraint annotation types (i.e., supports composite constraints). And also it is possible to create and edit custom Bean Validation constraint annotation types.
  • JBoss Seam 2.x improvements. A long requested feature that some users asked on our forum – adding new components to components.xml file.
  • Adding new EJB for JBoss 4.2/5.1 and Glassfish 3.x. This feature is ported from 4.0-M1. You can add new @Stateful/@Stateless beans to your app and start using the from the other deployed beans.
  • Debugger integration improvements. We’re catching the corner cases for the debugger integration of JRebel to make the debugging experience as smooth as possible.

The full list of what we’ve added to 3.6.2 version compared to 3.6.1 can be found in the changelog.