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JRebel 3.1 — ORM Goodness

With the support for all Java EE standards this release of JRebel will help you reach a new level of productivity. Whatever change you make to your code, whether it’s a class, resource, configuration or a component, you can immediately see it in your application, with no need to build or redeploy. Although we’re still waiting on usage stats to confirm it, we estimate that JRebel 3.1 will eliminate up to 95% of builds/redeploys that you have to do without it on a common Java EE project.

The first thing you’ll notice after downloading the new 3.1 release, is the support for reloading JPA entities and configuration on all containers. Hibernate and OpenJPA plugins are now enabled by default, but for TopLink/EclipseLink we’re waiting for more user feedback, so go ahead and fire it up. JRebel also fully support reloading native entities and configuration for Hibernate and TopLink.

The second is the support for EJB interface changes and JSP scriptlet changes in GlassFish. Changes to EJB interfaces and scriptlets are now reloaded instantly on all major containers. New features include a spanking new iBatis plugin, beta support for the Geronimo container and a host of others.

Download it while it’s hot!