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JRebel 3.0 M2 Released

We are excited to announce another milestone on the way to the JRebel 3.0. This release includes the following new features:

  • Advanced EJB Support. JRebel now includes plugins for JBoss 4.x, 5.x and Oracle Weblogic 8.x, 9.x and 10.x that support changing the Local/Remote EJB interface in EJB 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. It also supports on-the-fly dependency injection for @EJB annotation in JBoss. In the coming milestones we’ll add support for IBM WebSphere and more comprehensive support for the EJB 3.x features
  • Startup time improvements. We significantly improved class/resource lookup overhead with caching and better server integration. Our nightly users are reporting up to 2x improvements in startup time.
  • More integration. We added or improved plugins for Guice 2.x, JBoss Seam, Groovy, Wicket 1.4, Google App Engine, AspectJ, Struts 1 and Spring MVC. With every new plugin we are a step closer to our vision of seamless updates to your application, no matter what are you changing. Expect even more integration in the next JRebel release.

In addition to that there are numerous fixes and minor features that you can see in the changelog. And it includes the features introduced in 3.0 M1; in case you forgot, here they are:

  • Support for adding static fields and changing enums. Previously when you added a static field to your class you’d see a discouraging warning in the console and get an exception when trying to access the field. Now JRebel will happily print “Reinitialized class” and your application will continue working as if nothing happened. To top it off you can also now change Java 1.5 enums in any way you like and they should just continue working. This feature is still a tad experimental, so please help us out to smooth it out!
  • Full JSP <scriptlet> support. Now when you change your Java code (e.g. add a method) it can be immediately used in the Java code snippets in the JSP.
  • 25%-30% less memory use. It is not uncommon to need a lot of PermGen heap with JRebel enabled. Now we optimized the memory use and will continue to drive it down in the upcoming milestones.

Download and enjoy!