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Jenkins LiveRebel Deploy Plugin Released

So, you’ve got Jenkins running nicely, and you’re proud of your Continuous Integration environment, but you’re looking to move towards Continuous Deployment. Today we’re announcing one step in that direction: combining Jenkins with LiveRebel.

Just a quick reminder, LiveRebel is a tool to manage your production updates. This means that instead of experiencing downtime or longs hours of session drain during the update you get instant, session preserving, no downtime nor OutOfMemoryError experiences. You also get to rollback changes instantly. Now imagine orchestrating this from your favourite continuous integration tool.

In May we released LiveRebel 1.0, and then went on to making it easy to configure and setup in different environments. We’ve covered how to use the CLI to script LiveRebel with bash and how to manage clustered Glassfish installation to run instant updates. Now we have turned to managing your deployments with your Jenkins/Hudson continous integration server.

You can now install the LiveRebel Deploy Plugin from the Jenkins plugin listing. A tick of a checkbox and a restart to your Jenkins installation is all that’s required. We’ve also published a How To Setup LiveRebel Deploy Plugin for Jenkins/Hudson doc, for your setup pleasure :). The plugin lets you run continuous deployments from Jenkins. This means you can turn most of your deployments into instant deployments that preserve state and don’t cause OutOfMemoryErrors.

Next features for the plugin are: support for Hudson (currently the installation is a bit more complicated) and the ability to use LiveRebel for the whole app lifecycle (currently we fallback to Cargo deploy plugin for initial deploy and not supported deploys). Stay tuned for updates!