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JavaRebel 2.0.1 released

We’re happy to announce the JavaRebel 2.0.1 release. It is a maintenance release incorporating all the bugfixes that have accumulated during the past two months. It also updates the bundled plugins to the latest versions.

Changes include:

  • Fixed a deadlock that caused infinite startup.
  • Fixed new method parameter annotations not parsed correctly.
  • Fixed “this” not resolving in debugger.
  • Fixed Spring plugin trying to reconfigure beans created by a FactoryBean.
  • Fixed AspectJ plugin with Spring reparsing aop.xml.
  • Fixed EJB modules not-reloading in JBoss and WL when configured with rebel.xml.
  • Fixed NullPointerException on WL startup.
  • Fixed Velocity engine startup.
  • Improved Servlet Context perfomance when configured with rebel.xml.
  • Spring plugin now autowires changed beans that don’t have BeanDefinition.
  • Added Wicket @SpringBean plugin.

You can grab the latest copy of JavaRebel from the download page. For more information on JavaRebel see the product page.