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JavaRebel 2.0.3 Released

We’re glad to announce the JavaRebel 2.0.3 release. It is a maintenance release incorporating all the bugfixes that have accumulated during the past two months. It also updates the bundled plugins to the latest versions.

Changes include:

  • Significantly improved Spring classpath* resolution which could previously lead to duplicate beans and conf files to be found.
  • Support for IBM WebSphere 6.0
  • Statistics now displays the number of elapsed days if less than 30.
  • Fixed an issue causing IllegalMonitorStateException to be thrown from changed synchronized methods.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AccessControlException on Sun App Server 8.2.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a wrong SerialVersionUID to be generated.
  • Fixed and issue with Class.getMethods() returning in random order (caused Flex failure).
  • Fixed an issue that caused CurrentModificationException in Spring plugin.

You can pick up the new version on our download page, by clicking the standard download.