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JavaRebel 2.0.2b or ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’

When we released 2.0.2 we had put it through every test suite in our arsenal to ensure that it would thrive and grow up strong (especially after a month of testing in the nightly builds). As the gods would have it, reports started coming in that not everything was as blissful as we like it with the Spring plugin, so we quickly fixed it up and released 2.0.2a. Now, a week later, we’ve released a followup release — 2.0.2b.

The main reason for this is a bug concerning a combination of try-catch-finally and synchronized keyword, which would mess up exception handling in those methods for some people. It’s now fixed (see the post by Michael).

However, we’ve also got some more stuff ready, so we’re including it as a bonus:

  • The Velocity plugin is now included and if enabled will allow access to new properties/methods from .vm templates.
  • Performance Improvements re: reflection should solve some slow startup issues.

The fixes are:

  • Fixed a problem with try-catch not working properly
  • Fixed Spring plugin compiled with Java 5 in 2.0.2a
  • Fixed an issue with autoupdater and Java 1.4.
  • Fixed Eclipse not starting up with JavaRebel enabled (for Eclipse Plugin developers).
  • Spring MVC plugin wasn’t enabled by default.

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