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JavaRebel 2.0.2 Released

JavaRebel 2.0.2 was released today, and with it we’ve got a few announcements:

  1. It’s time to find a new name for JavaRebel – check out “Renaming JavaRebel” to learn more.
  2. Our Java EE Containers: Heaven or Hell survey has received more than 1000 responses, and it’s still open.  If you haven’t answered the 3 questions, do so here — and check out the results here.
  3. We’re collecting quotes from people who are already using JavaRebel.  We’re happy to hear anything you want to share!  Send it here.

And now for the release itself. Some improvements almost demand a more significant update number than a x.x.1… or perhaps announcements of their own…  To that we say – You are absolutely correct :-)  Stay tuned.

JavaRebel 2.0.2 Improvements Include:

  • Property resource bundles now reflect the changes to the property files. This should work without any special configuration from your part, just change the property file and see the changes reflected in your application.
  • Startup performance improvements.
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and 7.1 are now fully supported.
  • Resin 3.1, 3.2 and 4.0 are now fully supported.
  • Preliminary support for Google App Engine. It should work, but let us know if it doesn’t, we’re not quite ready to vouch for it yet.
  • Spring plugin is now considered stable and enabled by default.
  • Spring plugin will now refresh XML files even when no classes were changed and no Spring MVC is used
  • Spring plugin will now instantiate and initialize new singletons eagerly (even if they are not referenced elsewhere)
  • You can now use -Xbootclasspath install option with Java 5+ (it works better on some older JVM versions and JRockit JVM)

There’s also a ton of fixes in this release:

  • Directories defined in rebel.xml are now also case sensitive on Windows
  • Fixed a deadlock in resource lookup (could cause infinite startup on JBoss)
  • Fixed a problem with enums being “X is not an enum type”
  • Fixed an issue that caused “Class (x) was removed” messages
  • Fixed an issue with backslashes in include/exclude elements of rebel.xml
  • Fixed an issue that caused NullPointerException on JBoss 5
  • Fixed an issue with @Deprecated annotation and AspectJ
  • Fixed an issue that caused NoSuchMethodError on some (otherwise valid) reloads
  • Fixed an issue with wrong class redefinition causing e.g. problems with JBoss 5 (
  • Fixed an issue that caused DuplicateMemberException on Jetty
  • Fixed an issue in Spring plugin that could cause an infinite loop when reloading a bean

You can pick up the new version on our download page, by clicking the standard download.