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JavaRebel 1.2.1 and Spring Plugin 1.0-M2 Released

Although this month the ZeroTurnaround Team participates in three conferences (JavaZone, OracleWorld and JAOO) we try to also keep up with our release schedule. Thus we are very proud to present not one, but two simultaneous releases:

  • JavaRebel release includes mostly fixes to the 1.2 branch, but also features installation instructions for the Spring Application Platform. The most notorious issues fixed were the ones causing Java 1.4 users a ExceptionInInitializerError on startup and IBM WebSphere users a StackOverflowError. If you were hit by those issues you should try again with this release. See changelog or download.
  • The Spring plugin release includes fixes and performance improvements. The plugin will no longer rescan all XML files on every web request and the introduced delay should now be measured in milliseconds. A number of problems with Spring Security has been fixed and it should now work without any issues. See changelog or download.