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JavaRebel 1.0 M3 Released

We are glad to announce the immediate availability of JavaRebel 1.0 M3! Thanks to all the feedback we received from our users this release is greatly improved in terms of installation simplicity, compatibility, stability and performance.

Since previous version suffered from some problems that stopped our users from taking full advantage of JavaRebel we decided to restart the evaluation period with this release. So you are free to try JavaRebel for 14 days whether you have used the previous version or not.

JavaRebel 1.0 M3 features the following changes:

  • Simpler installation. Now to install JavaRebel on Java 5 you need only to add “-noverify -javaagent:javarebel.jar” to the command line.
  • Better performance. This especially concerns startup times and background CPU usage. Some users have reported 2-3 times faster application server startup with this version than with previous.
  • Improved compatibility. We have worked hard to make JavaRebel play well with others. Special thanks to Scala, Tapestry and Mule communities.
  • Expanded support for Java 1.4. We now support in addition to BEA Weblogic 8.x also Oracle OC4J 9.x, 10.x and Tomcat 4.x.
  • Numerous bugfixes. Thanks to your bug reports we have fixed a large number of problems with the previous version. This release should be considerably stabler and work out-of-the-box on all supported systems.

See changelog for details.