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Java Web App Availability – Is it Critical?

For some folks, when the app goes down for whatever reason, it means coming in early tomorrow morning.. but for others, it means,

“Mom, Dad, I’m so proud of you and happy for you on this, your 50th wedding anniversary — and I’m truly glad you brought me into this world, but since you raised me to be such a responsible and devoted member of society, you’ll understand me when I say, ‘I’ve gotta go — our app is down.'”

We’re wondering what % of apps out there are treated like this, and what teams do to ensure that they stay available, all hours of the day, no matter what time zone the users are in – so we’re asking 2 quick questions to get to the root of it.  Answer them here.  We’ll  announce the results, and give out 5 personal licenses of JavaRebel to winning respondents at the end of next week.