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Install it Maybe – How, Why, Where and Who, plus the blooper reel

Super Geek

Creation and innovation are superpowers. Like any superpower, they can be used for good, or abused by evil. We already know that our super geek friend [left] has saved lives with JRebel, but as we know, once a superpower gets into the wrong hands, the result can be catastrohphic – and this is certainly no exception. Yes, I’m talking about the video, “Install it Maybe” – here it is in all its glory:

The (mis)conception

So, you just saw the video for the first time? And are wondering how this travesty came about, so you can prevent it from happening again? Let’s start at the beginning. This is the actual transcript where the idea was born.

Jeremy Lopez: almost forgot…today’s marketing theme song. [JL pastes a link to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson] on the count of 3 everyone push play and we can JAM together!
Simon Maple: I think I preferred the youtube advert :)
Jeremy Lopez: come on simon… be a team player :) Now I need proof that you listened to it
Simon Maple: I’m listening now :)
Jeremy Lopez: can’t be. cause if you were listening to it you would be up dancing!
Simon Maple: Hey I just met you, redeploy is crazy, but here’s my trial, install me maybe
Simon Maple: before you came into my life(cycle), I missed you soo soo bad
Mike Ciulla: (puke)
Mike Ciulla: Simon – I think you’re onto something…when do you want to shoot this video?
Simon Maple: i’m available in 2084
Simon Maple: so call me maybe ;)
Simon Maple: I think a funny music video would rock – needs $$$ though
Simon Maple: otherwise it would be really bad
Mike Ciulla: I love it… write the lyrics and we’ll go from there
Simon Maple: we’d need to shoot in the caribbean
Simon Maple: I’d also need a couple of weeks before to acclimatise
Stan Bowers: Aruba
Simon Maple: :D
Stan Bowers: 4 weeks at LaCabana ought to do the trick
Jeremy Lopez: seriously…Simon, write the lyrics

As you can see from the script, Jeremy Lopez, Marketing Director is to blame and should take the leading edge of all abuse.

The Lyrics

Next came the lyrics – these were fairly easy as they were written at a time when I was feeling creative, so just sat down and wrote them in about an hour or so. We decided to write lyrics for the entire song and cut pieces out later. We never did this put probably should have done as the entire video does go on a bit too long – some might say 3 mins 14 seconds too long!

My favourite verse:

Hey I just forked you,
This code is craaaaazy,
I’ve made some changes
So, pull me maybe

This is my favourite verse because of the tempo change and the energy change in the video.

My least favourite verse:

Let’s, be a rebel
Trial time, noncommittal
No way, it’s successful,
This is really working, f**k yeah!

For me, this verse doesn’t flow properly, but I couldn’t get anything better to work, so we were stuck with it.

Recording the Audio

Luckily we found people who were ‘willing’ (with encouragement) to sing for their company :o) Sven and Hedi are our stars both in audio and video. As we’re a professional recording company, we recorded Sven’s audio in the sauna in our Tallinn ZT office, while Hedi was recorded in the sorority she belongs to in Tartu, Estonia. At this point we still weren’t sure who was going to sing which part, so Hedi and Sven recorded the song in full. Once listening back to the final cuts, we mixed to provide the best result, which put Hedi up first and Sven coming in at the chorus.

Shooting the Video

The video was entirely shot on location in Estonia. Mostly in Tartu but a little in Tallinn, over just 2 days. The LiveRebel team were also finishing off a release, so we couldn’t use too much of their time :) The Video was recorded on a Panasonic GH2. Geert Bevin was the cameraman and I was the director :) Most of the time we were able to get the shots we wanted either first time or just after a few takes. When Hedi got the giggles around a mix up in the line “I miss my wee, wee breaks”, we did have around 10 takes, which perhaps was the result of 2 long days of filming- Hysteria kicked in.

Editing the Video

If you’ve not seen “Groundhog Day”, you should go and watch it, as it’s awesome, then you’ll understand how I felt while editing the video. Listening over and over to the same music clip, cutting the video to fit and adjusting to lip-sync… just the thought of it makes me a little shaky, even now. I used iMovie to (hack) edit the video together and add subtitles, which was a little tedious but did the job.

Blooper Reel

So, as with everything, some things went wrong… here they are:

Additional Note: No Estonians were hurt in the making of “Install it Maybe”.

  • Now the true tale of torture is told! Love it!