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How strong is your Java-fu? Take the TopGeek Quiz challenge

Have you ever felt like you are the smartest Java dev in your team? In the world?

Quantifying this sort of superiority can be completed in only one way (two, if you count dueling): the quiz challenge…

Test your grey matter with ZeroTurnaround’s TopGeek Quiz challenge on Java know-how.

Ping your friends with your score. Brag shamelessly. Show off your Java-fu.

May the force be with you,
Top Geek

*p.s. a randomly selected winner with all answers correct will win 2 full conference passes to JavaOne 2012 – San Francisco (or another conference of your choosing).

  • Peter

    Just wondering : did you already pick a winner?

  • Oliver

    Hi Peter – the winner is going to be announced in the next couple of weeks, so pay attention to your email because it might be you. Just a reminder, the prize is two tickets to JavaOne 2012 San Francisco, Sept 30-Oct 4. But if that doesn’t work, we can do another conference that you fancy.