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How do ZT Engineers keep up with the latest technologies and developments?

How do ZT Engineers keep up with the latest technologies and developments while also keeping their personal presentation skills so high?

Easy – we hold internal engineering seminars twice a year where employees from the Tallinn and Tartu offices get together to enjoy talks selected and presented by their coworkers. This time we visited the beautiful town of Viljandi in Central Estonia for a full day of mind-bending talks with topics ranging from User Experience Design to hard-core programming principles of Rust. 12 talks given by 14 speakers over two tracks were enjoyed by close to 70 engineers, team leads, ui designers and others.

After a hard day of learning, we took to the saunas to discuss what we had learned over a couple of beers, competed in a ping-pong tournament (where Sander was crowned champion!), re-enacted scenes from famous comedy movies and tv-shows and attempted to out-wit others in various boardgames. The bravest and most adventurous of us also went to see what the nightlife in Viljandi had to offer. In the end, everyone learned something new, got to know their colleagues a little bit better and had fun.

Here are some pictures:
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