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House Rebell: A ‘Game of Thrones’ style shirt for early RebelLabs Authors


Head of RebelLabs, Oliver White, regrets the misplaced half-wink shown in this photo, but oh well.

Not sure about you, but I’ve been a huge fan of George [Richie Rich] Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series… or for the less-intiated, HBO’s Game of Thrones series (which I love despite it’s inaccuracies and gross chronological divergences). Like all fanboys, I’ve read all 5 books twice and pray that GRRM doesn’t succumb to an early death, leaving us stranded in the middle of a chapter where a dragon bearing Daenerys swoops down on The Wall…(supresses shiver)

So, I wanted to think of something to give to our awesome Authors for consistently making RebelLabs even more incredible by sharing their time, brain-power and enthusiasm. Many RL Authors, namely external friends, receive in return from us only our support, promotional efforts and friendship, with occasional gifts coming along the way. These t-shirts are for the folks that got involved in RebelLabs in 2013, the first year.

This is a short blag to thanks to all the RebelLabs Authors, both internal ZT folks and external buddies, for your dedication, expertise and time. You rock! (more gifts to come later this year!)

p.s. I’m currently looking for 2 extraordinary software engineers (preferably Java/JVM experts) to join our RebelLabs Author program. You only need some cool ideas (which we will help you with), English writing skills (I don’t care if you can’t speak it) and a passion to share your thoughts with others (obviously). Interested? Write me at

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