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Have you been naughty or really naughty this year?

Another year has gone by and we’re into the holiday season already! That was even quicker than last year, right? As with each year that passes, we’ve created a festive video with our very own rebels from all over the world, including Boston, London, Prague, Tallinn and Tartu. In this year’s video we open with news that our very own ZeroTurnaround founder and CEO, Jevgeni Kabanov, will be visiting you and ultimately determining if you’ve been naughty or nice. Perhaps you’ve been nice and commented all your code. Maybe you’ve been naughty and have not migrated to Java 8 yet. Uh oh, maybe you’ve been ​*really*​ naughty and have trolled on the java subreddit too much!

Either way, from the whole ZeroTurnaround team, from Boston, Tallinn, Tartu, Prague and London, we wish you a wonderful and happy holidays and a prosperous 2016.