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Happy New Year for 2011!

Yes, it seems like we only stopped accidentally writing “2009” a few months ago.

The last 12 months have been an intense, fast-paced period of excellent growth – in this time we:

  • Went from only 6 team members to 15 now (expecting even more in 2011),
  • Released several versions of JRebel (latest is v3.5)
  • Made some serious headway on our new product, LiveRebel (due for release in only a few short months!)
  • Attended a half-dozen events, sponsored even more and sent Jevgeni, our CTO, around the globe giving talks.
  • Established an awesome, physical office in Prague, Czech Republic (pictures coming soon)
  • Missed only a handful of scheduled flights and,
  • Even got a little bit of vacation time in there (not without the smartphone, however)

So, from the entire team at ZeroTurnaround, best wishes for the New Year 2011!