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Gravitational singularity, cosmology and an intern

Last week was a great week for ZeroTurnaround. On Monday we grew by 10% head count wise and I plotted the trend. It was humongous. My calculations showed that we will reach 600 billion people by the end of the year. This introduced a lot of questions and couple of interesting threads. Also it meant that our first intern ever hired had a lot more on his plate than first expected. I’ve compiled one of the public threads just for you guys. It tells you how and why we have a document Will ZeroTurnaround reach Gravitational Singularity and also to state that we actually don’t pack people together 100% flesh to flesh.

  • Priit Potter

    You guys really plan to hire on weekends as well or is that a bug in the calculation?

  • ZeroTurnaround is a startup so hiring on weekends is of course part of the plan!