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GeekOut II: Java Tech Conf strikes back June 14-15 in Estonia

“GeekOut is the coolest and most laid-back event in the Baltics for me so far. It was One day, One track, One crowd in 2011. Highly interested coders, great medieval setting in Tallinn and the great care of the ZeroTurnaround conference crew make this one of the best kept conference secrets in Europe.”

Peter Neubauer, Neoj4, speaker from the first ever Java Developers Conference in Estonia.


What’s happening at GeekOut 2012?

You better get ready for a tech-vacation in the capital of e-Country Tallinn, where startups grow on the trees and developers are productive (thanks to JRebel). Ed Burns, Kirk Pepperdine, Jaroslav Tulach, Matthew McCullough and more speakers are there for your benefit, helping you get new angles and views. Not to mention having some time to discuss that with your team-mates, other devs around Europe.

We had developers from over 30 Estonian companies+some Finnish. We had Peter Neubauer, John Davies, Martijn Verburg, Joonas Lehtinen and Alex Snaps as the speakers and over 130 developers attending. I bet they all remember a full day tech-talk topped with beer and pizza? Having a successful conference and receiving feedback that the event should be larger this time, we set the date for June 14th – 15th in 2012 and can list over 10 Java experts from around the World to come to little e-Estonia. It is an ambitious plan, that you can be part of in fulfilling by attending the conference.


Six reasons to come if you are a developer:

  • 12 talks to attend a choose from during two days;
  • Highly technical talks to learn best practices;
  • Get inspiration at evening party&networking by meeting speakers, other developers over a beer and discuss how you can improve your work;
  • Get time off to discuss work in light of new ideas with your own team;
  • Cloudbees, Vaadin, and more to come to show off their tools and projects;
  • You can make it into a small vacation, exploring the beautiful Tallinn over the weekend.



Four reasons you can tell your Team Lead or HR Specialist to send you to GeekOut:

  • The conference will increase developers motivation and productivity;
  • Developers can learn best practices and get ideas;
  • A chance for your team to take time and talk to other team members, field experts and – colleagues getting ideas how they can improve their work, what they are doing wrong and what else could be done to add value;
  • Estonia is a close by and reasonably priced country so you can send more developers to get trained then with a regular conference.

Don’t miss out the GeekOut 2012!