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GeekOut hits the road to get its Geek-on in Lond-on!

Straight out of the success of GeekOut 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia, comes a new conference, this time to hit London, GeekOut UK! We’re aiming to bring the same level of high quality speakers and content to the shores of the United Kingdom (or, the shores of the Thames River). The theme of GeekOut UK is around making developers faster, more productive and aware. Think ‘next-gen’ geek!


Sound interesting? Get your ticket here–it’s just £49 (€62) for early-bird prices and £69 (€87) for late-birds. This includes a full day of QUALITY FOOD, CRAFT BEER and AMAZING LOCAL COFFEE. Probably the most educational, yummy and inexpensive way to learn new Java techniques on October 16, 2014.


So, what’s going on there?

GeekOut UK will be hosted by the new Shoreditch Village hall, originally funded by a Kickstarter project, driven by shoreditch works, heavily influenced by James Governor (@monkchips), the founder of Redmonk. It’s a brave and very worthwhile community project which ZeroTurnaround supported back in 2013 that provides a co-working space for developers as well as being a location for event use. I’ve personally been there a number of times and it’s a vibrant, fun location for any IT show.

The content, speakers and sponsors have been hand picked to compliment the theme and structure of the day, with topics around process and tooling all aimed at enabling the next-gen Geek. The day will be split into two; a main conference day running from 9AM to 6PM, including 9 great speakers throughout the day, a healthy Breakfast and Lunch, great coffee from MacIntyre coffee, on location and snacks to keep you focused! How much for all this in the heart of London? maybe a couple of hundred pounds? Nope, just £49 for the Early Geek ticket, and £69 for the Late Geek ticket. Tickets are allocated by number, so once the Early Geek tickets are all sold, late geek tickets will be made available. So, it’s best to get your ticket early to avoid disappointment – At the time of writing, we’re already halfway through our Early Geek allocation.

Hand-picked speakers, food/beer and community night

So who are our speakers? Try these on for size: Arun Gupta (Red Hat), Simon Ritter (Oracle), Holly Cummins (IBM), Josh Long, (Pivotal), Martijn Verburg (JClarity), Trisha Gee (MongoDB), Sven Peters (Atlassian) and ZeroTurnaround’s own Simon Maple, Oliver White and Oleg Selajev.

Well that’s great, but what about dinner, beer and community/networking? Well, we’ve got that covered too, with a community night starting at 6PM, FOR FREE, that includes dinner, craft beers, 3 awesome sessions, plus a live vJUG session. Wow, this sounds good! If I wasn’t organising it, I’d buy a ticket :D

Unacceptable excuses for why you can’t make it

Are you about to choose one of the following excuses below to justify not coming to a one-day event in the same city in which you probably work (after all, we’ve already got over 10 international travelers coming!)

  1. I don’t have time/too busy
  2. My boss won’t let me
  3. Need to spend time with my team
  4. I was hit by an errant passenger pigeon

Well, GeekOut UK is a single day conference that provides continuing education, networking and good ol’ fun for developers at any experience level–and a great team building activity too! So there! And just for added convenience, we embedded the order form below:

If you’d like more information, check out our GeekOut UK site first, and if you have any questions, contact Shayna Wilczynski or myself. I’m really looking forward to the conference and meeting you all there! Get your tickets while they hot! (and at their cheapest).