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GeekOut 2014 announced: ZeroTurnaround hosts Java gurus in Estonia


Wouldn’t you know it, GeekOUT 2014 is approaching faster than a greased bullet shot out of Chuck Norris’ left nostril! With the conference schedule already getting packed, I wanted to give you a quick overview of what’s going to happen. GeekOUT has always been all about new ideas, and it is our hope that every attendee will meet new people and walk away at least with one new idea for their next project. Our agenda is a work in progress, but we’re hoping that it would not only facilitate new ideas, but also give the opportunity to learn about new technologies, techniques and tools. Like every year, we’re bringing some amazing speakers and concepts to your Estonian front door!

P.S. Early-bird prices for tickets end on April 1st, so get them at a discount for your team now!

Reactive Programming for Everyone!

There will be quite a few talks about different aspects of Reactive Programming. In the opening talk, Erik Meijer, the creator of Rx.NET and an active contributor to RxJava, will talk about the specific theoretical aspects of Reactive Programming. After this talk, you too will know how to make money using math!

On the second day of the conference, you’ll find more presentations on the subject:

  • Tim Fox will talk about Vert.x, a lightweight, high performance, reactive application platform for the JVM;
  • Venkat Subramaniam will do a live coding session demonstrating reactive programming practices;
  • Jeanfrancois Arcand will get really practical with Atmosphere framework, demonstrating the reactive approach for web applications with WebSockets. Lots to see and learn!

For those interested in Reactive Programming, on June 11th there will be a workshop conducted by Erik Meijer ( The space is limited so you had better secure your place fast!

Learn from real-life experience!

At GeekOUT, we will have speakers that come to share from their real-life experience related to different aspects of application design, development and maintenance. Matti Pehrs will talk us about the design of the analytical backend of Spotify – real fun to get to know more about what seems to be “just a mobile app”. Jan Kronquist tells us about the new trend in REST: Hypermedia API design. Axel Fontaine, in turn, will discuss the process of shipping applications continuously and what it takes on the design side of things to make these applications. Hadi Hariri from JetBrains will give us a philosophy lesson in his talk about software developers of the 21st century – don’t miss it ;)

Learn from JVM gurus!

If there would be one book you’d have to read about JVM, that would be Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide. And we are thrilled to have both the authors, Marcus Lagergren and Marcus Hirt, at GeekOUT this time! Marcus Lagergren will shine some light on how JVM interacts with the OS, and Marcus Hirt will show how to use Flight Recorder, an awesome tool that was incorporated into JDK in 1.7u40.

Meet New People and Awesome Companies!

There’s more! As the event date approaches, more companies that stand behind awesome technologies and products are joining GeekOUT. So far, Vaadin and Neo4j have jumped on board, and we’re expecting more big supporters of GeekOUT soon.

Join us at GeekOUT, on June 12-13, in Tallinn and unleash your inner geek! Early bird registration is open until the 1st of April.