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GeekOut 2012 talks from NetBeans, Neo4j, Odnoklassniki and ZT now available

GeekOut 2012 grew nearly 2x from the previous year, and this meant adding a second day to the event with two tracks to serve the 250+ Java fans that gathered in Tallinn, Estonia. We had 11 speakers on the roster, including Oleg Anastasyev (Odnoklassniki), Ed Burns (Oracle), Hans Dockter (Gradleware), Michael Hunger (Neo4j), Jevgeni Kabanov (ZeroTurnaround), Mike Keith (Oracle), Joonas Lehtinen (Vaadin), Matthew McCullough (GitHub), Kirk Pepperdine (Kodewerk), Ken Sipe (Trexin Consulting) and Jaroslav Tulach (Oracle).

Welcome to GeekOut 2012!

Welcome video where ZeroTurnaround’s Jevgeni Kabanov intimidates attendees into having fun at GeekOut. Top hats and lightsabers intentionally designed to clash.

Hack Into Your Compiler

NetBeans IDE creator Jaroslav Tulach delivers a massive 2-hour session called “Hack Into Your Compiler” where he discusses mainly the joys of duck boat tours (just kidding).

Part 1

Part 2

Taming Cassandra

Oleg Anastasyev from Odnoklassniki delivers his talk on “Taming Cassandra”, and how to manage millions of one thing, billions of another, and terabytes of something else without going batman-custome-in-the-shower crazy.

Got a Graph Database? Need a Query Language!

Michael Hunger is a major coffee fan (he owns his own coffee shop) and has a beard. But don’t let that fool you – he is just as much into graphical DB solutions and how to make them rock.

import Continuous.Delivery.;*

Seriously, it’s almost 2013 – where is all this Continuous Delivery we keep hearing about? Our very own CEO and Founder Jevgeni Kabanov launches an attack on manual deployment processes, and focuses on automating a Continuous Delivery pipeline.

Thanks for watching – and keep mid-June 2013 open for a visit to Estonia for the next GeekOut!