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Free version of JRebel released with JRebel 4.5

That’s pretty big news.  JRebel for free?

Now, you may be thinking,

“But how can a company that survives off of their JRebel revenue (and employs >25 people) release a free version of the productivity tool? It even won a bunch of awards (JOLT Productivity Award, JAX 2011 Most Innovative Java Technology, Estonian Innovation 2011, and one more we can’t talk about yet)! Is their management team totally crazy?”

Here’s some background:

Imagine if those 9 million developers code on projects for 5 hours per day, over a 20 day period. That’s 900 million work hours, in what vaguely represents a month of work. JRebel could save 153 million hours of wasted time, per month, if every java developer in the world was using it. That’s more than 17,000 years of development time saved, every month. But JRebel costs about $1 per developer, per day – so some people can’t afford it. We want to change that. For about a year now, we’ve been thinking about different ways that we could give away JRebel for free – with one caveat – we can’t cannibalize our revenue and bankrupt the company — after all, we’ve got customers to think about, support cases to handle, and lots of new features to add – if we can’t do that stuff, then we’d be letting a lot of people down, and no one wants that. So our thoughts were… do we release a free version of JRebel…

  • …with a limited feature set? If so, how do we separate the features?
  • …for a limited amount of time?  We already offer a free 30-day evaluation…
  • …and ask for donations?
  • …that is free for a certain audience?  If so, what audience?  Hmmm… maybe we’re on to something here….

Introducing JRebel Social

JRebel Social is free to use for non-commercial development, and the only thing you need to do to use it, is let your network know it exists, once per month. Simply login and register using your Twitter or Facebook account and then pickup your online or offline license keys. As icing on the cake, you can see how much time you’ve saved by eradicating redeploys (and builds) from your Java development process, on your personal dashboard. You need to Download JRebel 4.5 to connect to Social. Try it out, and let others know what you think: I’m personally curious to see what will come of the thousands of hours that JRebel Social will save for the Java industry this year.. feel free to let me know what you’ll do with the extra time!

Click me for details on the 4.5 release.


Oh PS — we’re hiring! Engineers & Developers in Estonia, Marketing in Prague, and a Sales Team in Boston. Feel free to email us at or Join The Rebellion

  • Maciej M

    and what if I don’t have Twitter or Facebook account and don’t want to have one?

  • Adam Dubiel

    If only you had +1 button i would click it along with Like. Thats amazing news for my side projects. Been testing JRebel for few days and i cant imagine going back to code-build-redeploy anymore!

  • Adam Dubiel

    (ignore, double post… T_T)

  • Then you’re welcome to purchase the Personal license.

  • Thanks! Feel free to tell all your friends :)

  • … and enemies, don’t forget the enemies.

  • Yonatan Graber

    Connection through Google+ is a reasonable request?
    Other than that, it sounds like one of the better ideas I’ve heard off lately.

  • Maciej M


  • +1

  • Navier

    Are you receiving kick backs from Twitter and Facebook?  Why forcing people to have accounts on them to get free license? 

  • Uri

    Log-in with linkedin account – separation of work and pleasure. Don’t want my facebook account to have any work (even personal) related posts.However, posting on Linked-in that I’ve used JRebel social to make my favorite open source project better is something else.

  • CommonSense

    JRebel looks awesome. But the pricing looks like very high. Review the pricing either to make it practical to start up developers like me can buy or sell it to some IDE developers to integrate in that. Soon I foresee, JRebel concept will / should be part of your IDE.

  • thinh tat

    I think changing to Play Framework will not need this jrebel any more

  • azeeconsult

    Good for developer

  • louay belgasmy

    Hello guys ! does jrebel 6.4.0 release also includes the social version? Thanks!