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Embarrassing photos from ZT’s Prague Party

(Well, it depends on what you think of as embarrassing – for some of us, that means ANY photo :-)

Thanks to everyone who came to our Java/IT/Tech Start-up party in Prague! We had over 50 people show up for good conversation with cool people (the free beer and awesome platters of snacks definitely helped).

Here are some photos of the evening- do you see yourself in there?

Ahh, good old foam logos…

Can I haz a caprese salid?

So....Java anyone?

Towards, the end, ZeroTurnaround karaoke got the best of it!

We’ll keep you posted on the next party – feel free to bring your Rockband instruments next time for more beer-induced musical debauchery!


  • I have always associated “debauchery” with girls… I am old-fashioned :)

  • Oliver

    That is also possible – but this was a Java party so [ fill in the blank ]…

  • Chris

    You were using the wrong interface, Nikita…