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Each year the Devoxx Conference organizing team does an incredible job, and this year Devoxx France event was no exception! With over 1400 participants and over 30 sponsors from all around the world Devoxx France successfully put together 3 days of incredible collaboration.

It was also a perfect chance to catch up with our friends from JetBrains and Atlassian. At all times during the conference the chill areas and the exposition floor were buzzing with great conversations about all things Java and software development in general.

Enormous thanks to the organizers, especially Antonio Goncalves and Zouheir Cadi. It was a pleasure to take part in an amazing European Java conference.

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The ZeroTurnaround booth was a hive of activity, with our casual and fun style attracting groups of devs who wanted to know more about our “Java is Cured” theme, which was the most colorful and fun of all sponsors… well that’s our humble and biased opinion.

With a group of 4 engineers, including 2 Java Champions – Simon Maple and Geert Bevin – and 2 sparkly marketing gurus, we made our presence known. While in the conference Geert Bevin hosted a magnificent keynote “Programmer with Emotion” and Oleg Shelajev presented ZeroTurnaround’s famous “Do you really get classloaders” talk. We connected with other world-class speakers like Arun Gupta (@arungupta), Guillaume Laforge (@glaforge), Sandro Mancuso (@sandromancuso), and Stephen Chin (@steveonjava) to mention some.

At its core, the success of the conference lied on the variety of participants, talented speakers, and a sense of community and belonging- check out RebelLabs report What Makes an IT Conference Awesome?. For us, it was a great way to show our brand to the loyal French market and to recognize that we must continue to explore international events and spread the JRebel and LiveRebel word. Even for the devs who had heard and/or are currently using our products wanted to meet us in person and give us their feedback about our technology.

If you talked to us there, thank you for the genuine interest about the state of the art in the Java industry and for your love for what we do.

Till next year, bigger expectations and a bigger booth.

ZT in Paris