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Devoxx 2010 – How ZT went through it and came out alive

Whew, Devoxx. Awesome Event. Great people. Strong Beer. Head-achey.

After the third helping of delicious pommes frites (cannot call them “French fries” in Antwerp with a good conscience) and mayonnaise, it suddenly occurred to me that we would be lucky to leave Belgium without a heart attack.

Add to that the now infamous kwak beer (8.5% alcohol), served for drinking in a low-end chemistry set, we were lucky to make it on any form of transportation that wasn’t an ambulance.

Kwak – Bringing grown men to their knees since the 1700s

But other than that, Devoxx 2010 was a top-notch event. We gave out four-month licenses of JRebel to hundreds of people. We saw old friends and met some new ones, and then forgot who they were the next day because of the Kwak…

A lot of interested people came to see the brand new ZeroTurnaround booth and to tell us things about JRebel like, “I’m naming my first child JRebel”. Ok, not really. Here are some photos of the ZT team working their magic:

Yes, Randy is in fact sleeping in this photo

Cheers to EAS (Enterprise Estonia) for helping us put the whole thing together. Your funds are awesome!

Sneak preview of JRebel 3.5 – IDE pop-up to show you how much time you’ve saved using JRebel.


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