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Developer Productivity Survey 2016: Java Tools and Technologies — Supporting Devoxx4Kids

RebelLabs Survey Groundhog day

On the week of groundhog day, it only seems fitting that we once again release our RebelLabs Developer Productivity report! This year it’s time for us to turn back to our bi-annual Tools and Technologies style survey. You may be a RebelLabs junkie and already know exactly what we’re talking about! If so, please go ahead and click the button below to take our survey — it only takes a few minutes.

Devoxx 4 Kids logo

Oh, and this year we’re giving up to $1000 directly to Devoxx4Kids, based on the number of responses we get! Make sure you share the survey to get this money to a very deserving cause.

Also, please help get this report out to the masses by sharing this tweet!

Another report? I thought we already asked these questions!

Well, times change as do the tools and technologies people use. We run this report every two years so that we can understand the general landscape of our industry but also so that we can find trends across the years, including speeds of adoption, for versions, like Java migrations, or Maven to Gradle adoption etc. Also if we reach 1000 respondants, we’ll donate $500 to Devoxx4Kids and if we reach 2000 completed surveys we’ll give them $1000! Devoxx4Kids is an initiative which introduces kids and teenagers to programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way. The program is run by Tasha Carl, Daniel De Luca, Arun Gupta, Stephan Janssen in particular, and many others in the local Devoxx4Kids chapters.

Don’t forget to add your email address at the end of the survey if you’d like us to send the report straight to you!

Want to see last year’s survey? You can see the analysis of its results in the Developer Productivity Report 2015.

OK, fine! You’re too lazy to click the buttons, I get it! Take the embedded survey below!